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There are a ton of factors that can make or break a deal. We provide services to get more insight into the business you want to invest in and the industry it’s operating in. These services include but are not limited to, buy and sell side advisory, corporate due diligence, market research business valuations as well as lease administration & legal support.

Addressing Venue Specific Issues

Of course, once we’ve gathered which is the actual land or building you wish to turn into an event facility, we likely get posed with challenges, imagining what the place can become. Our team of experts can beforehand analyze potential hiccups such as – parking issues, accessibility of the building, tourism traffic (if needed), popular landmarks around, building upkeep costs, and so on. 

Selling a Venue

We understand the value of our clients’ time. If you plan on the selling of your event spaces business, our team at ROD Event Spaces can help you pre-qualify the buyers, so you respond to prospective enquires quickly. Given our Rodschinson’s team’s success in various domains and distinctive expertise when it comes to evaluating, analyzing, and comprehensive advising for our partners on the selling side, we help our clients make tough decisions with ease saving their time, money, and energy.

Leasing a Venue

With our all-inclusive real estate and events platform, we power our clients with insights and intelligence required to predict and analyze changes in the event management landscape. We, at ROD Event Spaces believe, are well-positioned to assist venue owners and aspiring owners, with a momentous track record in leasing services across Europe and abroad. 

How? by helping owners identify and connect with suitable tenants, negotiate the lease terms, and execute contracts.

Regulatory Advice

Part of knowing the rental venue business is knowing how to stay legal. At ROD Event Spaces, our team lists the permits and licenses you’d need, as well as the venue-specific regulations you need to follow such as the type of insurance you need for running the events. We dig into your city’s regulations for venues of your type and make sure all of your ducks are in a row before whether your need is to make an acquisition or a divestment of a venue. Our global team works tirelessly to stay up-kept with the regulations around the world. 

Valuing Venues

Valuing event spaces can be tricky, as they differ according to the nature of the industry. The seller wants the best price for their venue and the buyer doesn’t want to pay too much. Therefore, the ROD Event Spaces team highlights things such as the track record, trends, the technology they use, intellectual properties, to list a few, and make critical assessments of the value potential making sure our clients get the most for their money.

Deal Financing Options

Whether funding the transaction by debt is your preferred route or by stock options, our team would be delighted to tell you about the essentials of both options such as including convertible debt with the debt route and preferred stock, liquidation preference, options, etc. with the equity route. 

We welcome you to get in touch and find out more about how, where, and when we could help you to maximize your investment.

Divestitures and portfolio management

The key to successful risk management is to be programmatic with your buying strategy and selective divestitures to frequently maneuver portfolios toward better industry exposure and assets. We help our clients prepare assets for sale to curtail risks and shape the remaining business to flourish. At Rodschinton, our analytical approach and insights from a network of specialists ensure that our clients are updated with the latest developments and are armed to make data-driven decisions to actively manage and grow their portfolio.


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