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Events spaces investments pose diverse challenges in terms of acquisition, disinvestment, and fundraising. Rodchinson’s private equity team works across fund types, including buyout funds, debt, infrastructure, real estate, and hedge funds, developing the right investment strategies for our clients.


Our team’s titanic connections with venue owners internationally allow us to generate a list full of targets for both, buy and sell-side, develop a framework for deal diagnostics and create a diligent roadmap, and present abundant options to our clients that fit the type of investment they’re looking for that are in-line with their risk appetite.


We understand that events venue deals can be complex with several variables influencing the terms of the deal. Keeping that in mind, ROD Events Spaces works closely with ROD PE and has collaborated on numerous events transactions.

The acquisition team pursues deals related to venue purchase, negotiates them for the clients, set up the financing for the transactions, and provides well thought through advice to capitalize on the ROI. The asset management team executes the business plan on behalf of the clients post the event space is acquired. Together, the ROD Events team improves the venue operations and financial performance for our private equity clients.

This synergy allows us to help our clients by drafting well-planned strategies that are in sync with the clients’ growth strategy and are tailor-made to their needs and wishes.

Corporate Due Diligence

ROD Event Spaces team has successfully implemented diverse target transactions by working closely with ROD PE and has had distinctive experience in liaising between regulators, vendors, and local authorities for technical and commercial diligence.

We assess the revenue growth, market dynamics, and cost reduction opportunities to get to the bottom of the barrel and establish the true potential of the deal for our clients.


Valuing venue rental businesses can be particularly complex as they pose certain specific challenges. At Rodchinson, our valuation experts go to extensive lengths to determine the net asset value of the business as well as the real estate today and assess the purchase price and multiples. We have a team of dedicated valuation analysts that help our clients determine the fair value of the business whether you plan to buy or sell a business.

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