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The visionary investor sees not only an available tract of land or a project to be developed, this investor sees a way to unite the community through job creation, local visibility, and increased regional economic stability. Investors can rest assured that the completion of their project will not only bring them good returns, it will benefit the community and enhance the investor’s public image.


Because we represent both buyers and sellers, we have a holistic view of the market and are able to advise and counsel our clients in an impartial manner regardless of their investment goals. Clients interested in leasing event and leisure spaces, or in purchasing these properties to lease, will find the same high level of attention and detail at ROD Event Spaces.


Leasing transactions offer their own set of challenges and opportunities, and ROD Event Spaces is able to advise clients throughout the process. After listening to our clients’ goals and aspirations, and ascertaining their resources, funding, and experience, we put together a business plan custom-tailored to their situation. Whether our clients want to lease property for their use or lease out their owned property, we consider all possible factors. Such factors could include architectural and technical issues, competing properties, possible tenants, and maintenance issues such as security, cleaning, staff, and on-site food and beverage options. Financial considerations involving taxation, regulatory issues, and maintenance costs will also be considered. Using our extensive databases, we present our clients with a feasible, targeted project.


Event and leisure spaces and conference facilities not only provide investors with a variety of profitable options within the spaces themselves, but they also bring steady income into the surrounding community. Whether it’s a sports arena in the suburbs, an art and concert venue in a downtown area, or an urban meeting place for conferences and trade shows, investors can look forward to a profitable venture. The visionary investor sees not only an available tract of land or a project to be developed, this investor sees a way to unite the community through job creation, local visibility, and increased regional economic stability.


No two transactions are alike. Each situation is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. However, with Rodschinson’s years of experience and extensive accomplishments in real estate, specifically with event and leisure spaces, we will help clients navigate the highs and lows of the transaction process.


With experience in buying and selling event and leisure spaces, and trade-related facilities, and experience in assisting in leasing these venues, ROD Event Spaces is uniquely qualified to advise and lead our clients through this complex transaction process. Our sources within the sports, art, and music industries are well-placed to counsel investors on the dynamics involved with decision-making in these areas. Each space must be considered not only as real estate, but as a community asset, and the unique patrons that will attend events there. Rodschinson’s analysis will help investors make decisions in a well-informed manner.


Investing in event and leisure spaces involves not only the obvious aspects such as location, usage, and selection, but the technical aspects as well. ROD Event Spaces is ready to provide our clients with information regarding planning, disposal advice, operator search, valuation, rating, and other advisory services demanded by this sector. We cover all areas of the transaction process, from the visible to the unseen.

As well, our teams advise on rent reviews, performance monitoring, and legal issues. We can address issues including development funding and funding opportunities. We provide a full range of services for our investors.


How does Rodschinson accomplish such complicated transactions? Our process begins with listening to our clients. We listen to their plans and goals, we take into account their past investment ventures and funding, then we make assessments and reports based on their experience and our expertise. We present our findings to our clients, and together we decide on a plan that is both ambitious and manageable. We then negotiate until our client is satisfied, and complete the deal.

Along the way, we make sure the fundamentals are covered. If applicable, we verify rent collection, security, hiring and maintenance of staff, service charges, waste management, cleaning services, and facility repairs. We leave no stone unturned, making sure our clients have the best possible advantages for their business venture.

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Since the event spaces is one of the most exciting investment ecosystems within commercial real estate, and our team represents dozens of investors, developers and other committed players, we would be thrilled to tell you more about our investment strategies and client proposals.

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